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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Restless Nightmares Vol. 1 is now available for pre-order!

I'm very happy to announce my next book: Restless Nightmares Vol. 1: A Collection of Short Scary Stories. Restless Nightmares, like Tales From Under The Bed, is a horror anthology series. In this case, the stories will be more nightmarish – for lack of a better term. The book releases April 3rd, 2015, and you can pre-order it now on

The stories include Food For Thought, Forgiveness For The Lost Soul, A Lust For Bloody Vengeance, The Tunnel People, and Shadow Talking. Within these stories, you'll find yourself facing your worst nightmares – zombies, ghosts, mutants, and more! I'd rather not spoil the surprises, so I'll leave it at that. As usual, as I hone my craft, these stories will be an improvement over my last. (In my opinion, of course, you'll be the true judge of that.)

As previously stated, Restless Nightmares Vol. 1 releases on April 3rd, 2015, exclusively on You can pre-order the book at the special introductory price of $0.99 – that's less than a cup of coffee and daily commute! Once again, thank you for the support over the last few months. You readership is invaluable, I hope I can continue to entertain and frighten.

Until our next venture into horror,
Jon Athan
Pre-order for $0.99!

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