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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Into The Wolves' Den is available now!

Available now for $2.99!
Hey! Into the Wolves' Den is available now! You can buy a copy for your Kindle for $2.99 or read it through your Kindle Unlimited subscription. The paperback will be available soon. Keep an eye on my Facebook profile or Twitter account for an update on the paperback. As usual, buying a paperback will get you a free Kindle copy!

This is my longest book to date. It is filled with deep characters, nail-biting suspense, page-turning mystery, and stomach-churning gore. It follows a cop in 1996 searching for his missing daughters who were kidnapped by a secret organization of snuff film producers. Considering some of the scenes in this book and recent headlines on the news, I'd say this is a timely addition to the splatterpunk genre.

Buy it now:

Enjoy! And have a great weekend!
Jon Athan