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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Writing Updates for August 2016 — "A Psycho and his Disciple" is available for pre-order!

Hello, readers! So, Captives and Captors is out now. You can buy it for $2.99 or read it for free using your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Thanks to everyone who has supported the book. Sakuya's Wrath, my upcoming sci-fi/fantasy book, is still set to release on September 9th. You can pre-order it now or wait — it's up to you! And, yeah, those are my shameless plugs. Now, let's get into some updates.

First of all, I am ready to announce my next book: A Psycho and his Disciple. This new horror book will release on October 9, 2016 for $2.99. The story follows Lucas Walker after he's released from prison. Lucas, who happens to be a serial killer, befriends Dean, a bashful young man. Together, the pair set off on a rampage through the city. It's a disturbing novel, but, if you've enjoyed my previous work, I think you'll feel right at home. It's also my longest horror book. You'll get a bang for your buck. (Well, it's three bucks, but, you know...)

After A Psycho and his Disciple releases in October, I will be releasing another science-fiction book in November — at least, that's the plan. This new science-fiction book is heavily inspired by films like Blade Runner. The story follows a police-produced android who is sent into enemy territory to capture a group of deviant droids. I like to believe it is a provocative narrative, reflecting society today despite taking place in the future. Of course, you will be judge of that. Still, I hope you give it a shot. Look out for an official announcement in late September or early October.

What else am I working on? Well, I have a surreal dystopian horror novel planned for December. That book will surely offend some people, but I refuse to comprise. It's disturbing, but with reason. I've already planned the first quarter of 2017, too. You can expect a body horror novel, a novel inspired by Stephen King's It, and another horror novel inspired by Silent Hill — the last one takes place in a mall! I'm very excited to share these books, I just need a little more time.

Anyway, thanks for reading my books and this monthly blog post. I genuinely appreciate it. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below or Tweet me.

Until next time,
Jon Athan
Available October 9. 2016! Pre-order now!

Friday, August 12, 2016

August Book Sale!

Hello, reader! Looking for a new horror book? Interested in one of my grisly novels? Well, it's your lucky week. For a limited time, three of my horror books will be on sale for $0.99. Think of it as a 'three for the price of one' special, except you don't have to buy all three to get the discount! Check out the selection of books below. Remember, you only have one week to claim your discount, so act fast. (Also, A Family of Violence and Sinister Syndromes will also be discounted in the UK during the same time period!)