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Friday, December 19, 2014

Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 3 is out now! Thank you for the support!

Hello! Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 3: A Collection of Terrifying Short Stories is out today! That's correct, you can buy and read my new horror anthology book today! This book officially completes the first trilogy of this series (hint: there's more to come.) So, if you own the first two or want to jump in at my latest work, this book is for you!

Also, I'd like to say: thank you! That comes from the bottom of my heart, I can't be more genuine or sincere. Thank you! Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 3 is the most pre-ordered book I've ever published, and that shows a very supportive and caring community. Although it's not all about the money (for me, anyway), this shows people actually have interest in my writing. This, in turn, motivates me to write more and improve as much as possible.

So, once more, thank you!! If you enjoyed the book, please leave a review on or leave feedback here on Your feedback will help me improve and it'll help me become a more established author -- it is very important. Of course, you can also send me feedback directly on Twitter @Jonny_Athan.

Jon Athan

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