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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Failed But Unforgotten Concepts: The Deity Mask (Tales From Under The Bed)

This week, I'm sharing a story I conceptualized titled The Deity Mask. It was also going to be part of Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 3, but it unfortunately never came to fruition. Check it out!
The Deity Mask begins with a family moving into their new home. The (unnamed) family consists of a hard-working father, a housewife mother, and a reclusive son. As the family unpacks, the son finds a peculiar masks in a box. It's a strange mask resembling a cliche demon.

The father explains that it might've belonged to the child's grandfather. A beloved grandfather who passed away years ago, consequently shrouding the family in depression ever since. This move is supposed to change that. The father believes it will be good to let his son keep the mask, it's good to remember loved ones.

Later that night, the son feels a strange attraction to the mask, like if it were calling him. Eventually, he wears the mask and eerily stares at himself in the mirror. The next morning, the son is still wearing the mask and refuses to remove it during breakfast. His parents humor him for a moment and try to laugh it off.

Suddenly, the child starts to say creepy things about the family and the grandfather. Things he couldn't possibly know - sinister family secrets. The father become infuriated and forcefully removes the child's mask. He jumps back as he sees his son's horribly disfigured and lacerated face. The mother is startled by the father's reaction. The father explains to his wife, but then realizes their son's face is back to normal and his wife never noticed a difference. A hallucination?
I don't think I need to go further for this concept. As you can see (or read, I suppose), this was playing out like a typical horror movie. I liked the concept and I had some chilling scenes planned out for the story, but it felt too cliche as I wrote. Anyway, what do you think of the concept? Would you like to read a full story based on this concept? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me @Jonny_Athan. Thanks for reading!

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