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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 2 update!

Hello! I thought I'd keep it simple today and give you an update on the next book, tentatively titled: Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 2: A Collection of Scarier Short Stories. I'll probably show you the cover on Sunday, but I'll simply update on the content for now.

So, as far as content goes, it's going very well. Currently, I'm at 21,194 words, which is approximately 7,000 more words than the first installment in the series. I'm not even done writing yet! I've written 8 stories, which I'm also editing in my free time, and I'm in the process of finishing the ninth. I hope to have a minimum of 10 stories in this new book, but it might end up at 12 or 13 depending on time and how much my Rocky soundtrack inspires me.

As for release schedule, Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 2: A Collection of Scarier Short Stories should release between November 19th and December 4th. The former being the earliest and the latter being the latest, of course. At the pace I'm currently writing and editing, I think it'll be sooner rather than later. But, hey, you never know, unforeseeable events may occur that delay the release!

Finally, thanks again for reading this blog post and the books I write. Thanks so much for taking an interest in an independent writer like myself, it's greatly appreciated. It's been a bumpy road, sometimes I'm inspired and sometimes I'm discouraged, but I continue to tread further.

Jon Athan

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