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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 2 is out now! + Thank you!

Today is the official launch of Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 2: A Collection of Scarier Short Stories! You can purchase your copy at for $2.99! I worked very hard on this project, and I am very proud of the outcome. Even when I felt the most discouraged, I found myself writing and writing... and writing some more. Then, I found myself editing a lot. I hope you, as the reader, enjoy the new book.

Furthermore, thank you for the support! Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 1 has been downloaded over 100 times! If you've downloaded the book, and especially if you've actually read the book, thank you! Your readership has pushed me to new levels. It has fueled my inspiration and it keeps me writing every day. If it weren't for my readers, I probably would have stopped by now. Fortunately, I don't have to stop (at least not yet) and I don't plan to stop, either.

I'll be announcing the next book soon. Even now, I'm not to certain about the future of this series or my little career, but I'll find direction soon and you'll be the first to know. Check first thing next week for the next book update. Otherwise, go buy Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 2 and thanks for the support.

Jon Athan

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