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Sunday, September 27, 2015

"10 Days: Undead Uprising" is now available for pre-order!

Today, I am proud to announce my latest book. 10 Days: Undead Uprising is now available for pre-order exclusively on! This new zombie anthology releases on October 15th, 2015 for $3.99. On release, you'll also be able to read the book as part of your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Regardless of your method of readership, thank you for the support.

So, what is 10 Days: Undead Uprising? Well, it's an interconnected zombie apocalypse anthology. The book tells the story of one apocalypse from day 1 to day 10 through ten different stories. Each day offers a unique perspective of the ongoing crisis. With each passing day, the zombie apocalypse gradually worsens. Zombies become mutated, survivors become deviant, and society spirals into madness. "The only thing worse than the undead during a zombie apocalypse are the people left surviving." (a quote from the book.)

Day 1 follows a mad scientist as he inadvertently causes the undead uprising while trying to revive his deceased wife. Day 2 follows a young girl left home alone to take care of her bedridden grandfather; the shambling in the room shatters her serene night. Day 3 follows a little boy trying to take a peek at Santa Claus with monstrous results. Day 4 follows two police officers raiding a drug house, completely unaware of the outbreak. Day 5 follows scientists in a secret laboratory as they race to find a source and cure for the disease. In order to avoid spoilers, you'll have to read the book to find out what happens in Days 6 through 10.

Anyway, thank you for reading. This is my most ambitious book yet. I wanted to create a unique yet familiar zombie apocalypse — something that would make you comfortable, then shock you a bit. I genuinely hope you enjoy the book. It's a product of my passion for storytelling and horror.

Until our next venture into horror,
Jon Athan
Pre-order now for $3.99!

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