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Friday, April 17, 2015

Writing Updates for April 2015!

It's been a very busy month. In fact, it's been a very busy year. Since I've been lacking on the updates, I figured I owed you a little update on my current work. First and foremost, Restless Nightmares Vol. 1 released two weeks ago - thank you for the supportive launch, it means a lot. Currently, I'm editing Restless Nightmares Vol. 2 and preparing for a May release.

Restless Nightmares Vol. 2 follows the same formula as its predecessor. It's a horror anthology filled with suspense, ominous atmosphere, creepy mystery, and grizzly true-to-life horror. The upcoming book features ten short scary stories - two times more stories than the first. In turn, this installment features more variety than the first. I really wanted to get as creative as possible for this set of stories, I wanted to write more than the average ghost story.

For example, this new book will delve into several horror sub-genres the first book didn't. With Volume 2, you'll read about demons, cannibals, drugs, psychopaths, and more. I tried to make each story as unique as possible without making it too surreal or insane. Don't fret, though, there are still some traditional scary stories, including two ghost stories and a zombie-like story. The goal was to cater to the needs of most horror fans, and the needs of my own creativity.

Restless Nightmares Vol. 2 is currently in the proofreading phase. It should be available for pre-order early next week. Of course, when it's available, you'll see an announcement here and on my Twitter account. (@Jonny_Athan) Once again, thanks for the support. I hope you're enjoying the books and I hope I don't disappoint.

Thanks for reading,
Jon Athan

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