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About Me

Hello! My name is Jon Athan. Okay, that's not really my name. But, from my pen name, you can probably guess my first name. (probably) And from my first name... well, no, you actually can't guess my last name. Enough about names, though. I am a writer. If you're visiting this website, you likely know that already. So, let's get to some more personal details. Who am I? Where did I come from?

I was born in California on September 12, 1992. It was a rainy day - something we don't get much of now in California. I've always enjoyed writing. As a child, I would even write my own scary stories and spin-offs of books and movies. However, I didn't pursue a career or education in literature or writing. Instead, I opted for classes in Criminal Justice. And, I graduated with a degree in said major. Despite being content with my accomplishment, I couldn't give up on my love for writing.

So, I started writing books. I started with collections of short stories. I wrote about urban legends, ghosts, zombies, aliens, and much more. When I felt comfortable with my writing, i started delving into longer prose. I've published over 100 short stories and a handful of novels. Since I've enjoyed my longer prose, I've started writing only novellas and novels. Perhaps I'll return to short stories someday, but I'm content with my current style. I mostly write in the horror genre since it is my favorite, but I plan on expanding into several other genres in the future. I'd love to write a drama or science-fiction book in the future. I also write movie reviews for several other websites, if that adds anything to my credentials.

So, what else can I tell you about myself? Well, like I said, I review films as my other hobby/job. In fact, I've reviewed hundreds. You can probably tell already: I love movies. I'm also a lifelong gamer. I think my ultrasound picture showed me holding a Sega Genesis controller. (Don't ask how it got in there.) I also have deep love for Japan and Korea. I would love to visit both countries some time in the near future, I need to soak in the wonderful culture for myself. Honestly, I would love to visit as many countries as possible. (who doesn't?)

Anyway, if you're reading this: thank you. Whether you enjoy my work or not, I appreciate your readership. Your feedback will also help me improve over time. It'll help me build upon my strengths and correct my flaws. There aren't a lot of people who believe in me, so I strongly appreciate your support. I hope to entertain you for many years.

Thank you,
Jon Athan

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