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Thursday, October 7, 2021

"Lambs to the Slaughter" is out now!

Buy it now for $3.99!

Lambs to the Slaughter is available today. You can buy a Kindle copy for $3.99, read it through Kindle Unlimited, or buy a paperback for $14.99.

Lambs to the Slaughter follows Chase Hauger, a homicide detective diagnosed with terminal cancer. When the butchered remains of a mobster are found in a gory scene resembling the death of his friend, Chase suspects the Enigma Killer—a serial killer known for using elaborate traps to ‘teach’ and torture his victims—has returned after years of dormancy. The detective sets out to find the Enigma Killer and avenge his slain friend, but quickly finds himself caught in a web of lies and a storm of bloodshed.

I wrote this novel with Matthew E. Berry, who previously narrated some of audiobooks like Lovesick and Maneater. It is a gruesome horror novel inspired by H. H. Holmes, David Parker Ray (the Toy-Box Killer), and the Saw movie series.

Check it out here:

As usual, thank you for the support!

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