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Thursday, June 3, 2021

"Camp Blaze: Author's Enhanced Edition" is out now!

Available now!

Camp Blaze: Author's Enhanced Edition is available today on Amazon. You can buy a Kindle copy for $3.99, read it through Kindle Unlimited, or buy a paperback for $14.99 or a hardcover for $19.99.

Camp Blaze: Author's Enhanced Edition is a special extended uncut version of the original book, which released back in 2017. And, since many of you have asked for it, it is now available in paperback and hardcover for the first time ever! It features a beautiful, brand new cover, a completely rewritten story, professional editing, and extended scenes of gruesome violence. In fact, although the core of the story remains the same, this edition includes over 10,000 additional words.

It is a completely new experience. Already own the first edition on Kindle? Your version should be upgraded now for free. (Check your "Manage Your Content and Devices" page on Amazon/Kindle to get the update.)

The story follows a group of counselors at Camp Blaze—a camp with a history of violent tragedy—targeted by a masked killer. As her peers begin vanishing around, head counselor Regina Park races to find the truth and save her friends before it's too late. If you enjoyed my other slashers, such as Do Not Disturb or Night of the Prowler, I think you'll like this one.

Check it out here:

As usual, thank you for the support. If you want to see more Author's Enhanced Editions of my older books—some that have never been released in paperback before—don't forget to leave a review on this one. It'll help me determine if it's worth the effort. (Don't forget, I'm human! Books are both expensive and time-consuming to produce!)

Have a great weekend and enjoy,
Jon Athan

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