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Saturday, February 27, 2021

"Am I Beautiful?" is out now!

Buy it now for $3.99!
"Am I Beautiful?" is available today on Amazon. You can buy a Kindle copy for $3.99, read it through Kindle Unlimited, or buy a paperback for $14.99! 

"Am I Beautiful?" follows Adam Miller, a marketing manager at a travel agency. During a business trip to Japan, he has an affair with a young Japanese woman, Miki Someya. Things spiral out of control after she threatens to tell his family about their relationship. He leaves her battered and bruised, face horribly mutilated. But even after successfully fleeing Japan, he believes Miki is still following him. And when children start dying in his city, he believes Miki is responsible—and his family may be her next target.

Thank you all for the support! I'm glad so many of you have been enjoying the book so far. Please don't forget to leave a review once you're finished. It helps a lot!

Take care,
Jon Athan

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