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Thursday, May 7, 2020

"Lovelorn" is available now!

Buy it now for $3.99!
Enter the mind of a lonely, desperate young man as he descends into his own depravity after being rejected by a beautiful waitress. Lovelorn is available now. You can buy a Kindle copy for $3.99, read it through Kindle Unlimited, or buy a paperback for $14.99.

Lovelorn is a bold, provocative horror novel. It tackles themes such as love and hatred, loneliness and rejection, and entitlement and vengeance. Many of its characters were inspired by real people, so the book reflects reality—our reality. It might make you uncomfortable, but I think it's worth your time, especially if you enjoyed Lovesick or Maneater. This is human horror.

Buy it today:

Thank you for reading! Take care of yourselves out there!
Jon Athan

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