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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Writing Updates for February 2016!

Hello! First and foremost, thank you for supporting the release of The Harbinger of Vengeance: A Revenge Thriller this past week. Considering this was my first attempt at longer prose in over a year, I truly appreciate the support. I hope you're enjoying the book. The ending might be shocking and controversial, but I really poured my heart out for this story. Thank you!

So, how about some writing updates, right? In the Name of the Devil: A Horror Novel is still scheduled for a March 13, 2016 release. I'm making some minor tweaks, but the date should not change. Project: Killers, a book about serial killers, is still on track, too. I'm aiming to break boundaries with this serial killer book, blending horror and thriller elements to create something shocking and, well, thrilling. It will certainly break some boundaries. Look forward to an announcement soon!

I'm also working on Project: Snuff. This book is going through a second draft now. If all goes as planned it should be available in May 2016. This book is more of a thriller, but it still has some strong horror elements. It is certainly a disturbing experience. I think that will be a common element in my longer prose - disturbing. Project: Madness should be out this summer, too. The first draft is complete, but it may receive extensive edits, which may cause some delays. The book is a psychological-horror story inspired by Silent Hill.

I have the first half of 2016 practically set in stone. I'm aiming for one book every month, which seems to be a realistic target considering my current work ethic. In fact, I actually finished the first draft for July's book and I also finished the outline for August's book. For August, I'm hoping to release my first traditional slasher. The book will be inspired by The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho. I think it's going to be a wicked horror experience.

As you can see, I'm still very busy. I had some bouts with depression recently, which may cause my work to be a bit darker, but I'm trying my best to trudge through it and deliver some great stories. If you're a fan or if you'd like to see what books I'll have for free in the future, I strongly urge you to sign-up for my newsletter here: Anyway, I hope you enjoy the books! Keep reading!

Until our next venture into the dark and disturbing,
Jon Athan

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