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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Shattering Skies: The 10-Day Invasion is now available for pre-order!

Hello! Shattering Skies: The 10-Day Invasion is now available for pre-order on Amazon and set to release on December 14th, 2015! I've been teasing this book for the past few months in my writing updates and I'm very excited to finally reveal it. Like all of my writing, Shattering Skies is a product of my genuine passion for horror and storytelling.

So, what is Shattering Skies? Shattering Skies is an interconnected horror/sci-fi anthology. The book tells ten stories that connect to tell the tale of one large invasion. You can expect horrifying abductions, sly body snatchings, vicious battles, and much more. As usual, you can also expect dark and unexpected endings - no one is safe!

With this new book, I aimed to make aliens frightening again. While searching for alien horror books to read a few months back, I was flabbergasted when I found more erotic-romance than horror. There were a few alien books, many based on Ridley Scott's Alien, but most featured men with rippling muscles on the cover. There's none of that in Shattering Skies - that's a completely different genre. This is a thrilling horror adventure.

Anyway, I hope you support and enjoy the book. If you don't want to pre-order, you can also read the book through the Kindle Unlimited program when it officially releases. Thanks for reading!

Until our next venture into horror,
Jon Athan
Pre-order now for $2.99

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