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Monday, February 9, 2015

Writing Updates!

Hello! Last week, I released my latest novella, A Phantom Passion. I loved developing the story from scratch and watching it come to fruition. It was a wonderful project. So, if you're a fan or you're taking a detour through my site, you're probably wondering what's next.

 Well, even before A Phantom Passion released, I have been writing Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 4. In fact, the book is nearing completion on the first draft. Of course, afterward, I'll editing and there will be plenty of proofreading. It won't be completed this week, so don't expect it to release this month. I feel very comfortable announcing a March 2015 release window, though. Like the previous installments, this book will include a variety of horror - ghosts, serial killers, possession, etc.

After Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 4, I'm stumped. I have plenty of ideas for new and creative books, but I'm not sure what project I'd like to tackle. In the pipeline, I have an outline for a project tentatively titled "MNMN" and a home invasion horror-comedy. I have an interesting idea for the latter project, but I'm not sure it'll gather any readership. In fact, the same goes for "MNMN," the ideas are bizarre, so they might not be the best books to write at this point. I'll figure it out, though.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Thanks for reading this blog post and my books. The support is amazing. It keeps me motivated and inspired. I hope I can continue writing for a very long time, and I hope my stories can one day truly resonate with you, the invaluable reader. I'll have another update on Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 4 this weekend, I'll be revealing the cover and the stories! Stay tuned!

Jon Athan

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