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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Failed But Unforgotten Concepts - Dolls: Origins (Tales From Under The Bed)

While I was conceptualizing the Tales From Under The Bed series, I had an idea of a recurring storyline spanning each volume: Dolls. And it almost came to fruition, you can read Dolls and Dolls: Part 2 in Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 1 and 2 respectively. Ultimately, I removed a story from Volume 3, though, stopping the Dolls series of scary short stories. That story being "Dolls: Origins." Here's the failed but unforgotten concept:

Dolls, from Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 1, is a fairly simple killer dolls story. It introduces a maniacal ventriloquist puppet and clown doll. Dolls: Part 2, from Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 2, continues the story of these dolls and adds a bit of character. We find out their names are: Adrik, The Puppet and Leonid, The Clown.
Dolls: Origins, which was planned for Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 3, was conceptualized as a prequel. Adrik and Leonid are assassins for the Russian mafia. One day, they go too far as they slaughter the family of a snitch, including his wife and two daughters. Leonid, in particular, relishes in his brutal slayings. After a failed attempt to murder the pair, the mafia decides to outcast them.

Unfortunately for the mafia, that's not Adrik and Leonid's style. So, Adrik and Leonid continuously attack the family's of the mafia members. While they attack their former bosses, they also enjoy their lives as demented serial killers. Working together, they are an unstoppable force of evil. With very few options -- calling the police is obviously out -- the mafia resorts to black magic.

Consequently, the mafia trap Adrik and Leonid in an old warehouse. They try to kill them as to keep their integrity, but find themselves easily bested. So, they resort to the black magic. They start shooting everything they have at Adrik and Leonid to corner them, then a witch knocks them out with a black powder. Adrik awakens, his vision blurry, to find himself strapped on to an operating table. Leonid is knocked out next to him.

In the end, Adrik awakens as a ventriloquist puppet and Leonid as a clown doll. The mafia believe they have finally finished off Adrik and Leonid, and it would seem so. So, the mafia sells the dolls to get rid of them permanently. However, Adrik and Leonid end up awakening and learn how to control their doll bodies...

That's it. Of course, there would a lot more detail, but that's the gist of the story. As you can see, it reads off more as a crime-thriller than a horror story, which is why it was removed. Also, due to deadlines, I didn't have the time to fully research everything. I obviously don't know much about the Russian mafia or black magic, so I'd really have to investigate. Anyway, what do you think? Would you like to see this story come to fruition in Tales From Under The Bed Vol. 4? Or, should it stay scrapped?

Thanks for reading,
Jon Athan

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